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Mountian Camping

Comprehensive Financial Planning For Families & Businesses

Optimize Income          Reduce Taxes        Transition Wealth Efficiently


What We Do

Generational Wealth 

Identify your ideal and acceptable lifestyle, your legacy goals and optimize spending and saving priorities with the help of our comprehensive financial planning process

Estate Planning 

Develop simple or complex estate and wealth transfer strategies and in order to maximize the impact of your wealth for your family or charities

Investment Management

Review your current portfolio, create customized portfolio solutions, and/or enjoy third party investment management services

Business Strategies

Develop strategies for legal and tax structures as you grow, optimize employer retirement plans as you mature, and develop succession plans as you transition to your next phase of life


Implement philanthropic and gifting techniques to maximize impact on the organizations you support and the tax benefits you may receive

Tax Planning

Design tax efficient streams of income, review tax returns, and develop tax control strategies



"Be there for people when they need us most"

It's easy to be there for people when times are good, whether that's a wedding, a birth of a child or a successful liquidity event from the sale of a business. But the hard times, when your family is going through a family members' death, a divorce, an economic downturn and down markets, that's when we want to double down in our commitment to our clients.

"Be the rock that a family builds their financial life upon"

The word Petros, is Greek for 'Stone' or 'Rock', and we want to be that strong foundation that people can depend on and rely on to navigate through life and market cycles in order to thrive, build, then preserve and transition their wealth according to their values.



Our Process

Our 5-step service model aims to offer insights into your current financial situation, delve into your short-term and long-term goals, and formulate a plan of action to accomplish them.

Step 1

Fit Meeting

Prior to committing a substantial amount of both our time and yours, this brief 30-minute call provides an opportunity to assess whether your circumstances align with our expertise. The call is complimentary, with no sales offerings involved. Its purpose is to facilitate mutual acquaintance and ascertain if it is reasonable for us to continue working together.

Step 3

Recommendations Meeting

In a 60-minute session, we will present your one-page financial plan, articulating the clear steps required to achieve your financial goals. The presented recommendations and overarching guidance will encompass your entire financial scenario, offering a roadmap for the development, expansion, and protection of your wealth.

Step 5

Onboarding and Implementation

Onboarding as a new client is easy. We’ll gather any additional information needed, set you up with online access, and begin implementing your plan together. Moving forward, we will determine a meeting schedule and our team will be available via phone call or email for any questions you may have.

Step 2

Discovery Meeting

If we mutually decide we're a good fit for each other, we will send you an invitation to begin your own personalized financial planning website that effectively organizes and describes your current financial situation. We will also request a few basic documents like your tax return and account statements for review and analysis to discover what's important for you and your family.

Step 4

Decision Making

We understand that selecting the appropriate financial partner is a significant choice. Armed with your one-page financial plan, you'll decide whether to execute the plan independently, hire another firm for assistance, or continue to collaborate with us. If you anticipate that we will deliver more value than the associated fees, we can proceed with the client onboarding process.





Tel: 612-643-9995

Fax: 612-643-9996


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